If you’ve been to the Magic Kingdom this year, you’ve definitely noticed the huge amount of roadwork taking place on World Drive. Disney is in the middle of installing an overpass to the resort area from the parking plaza in an effort to ease congestion. The overpass is currently scheduled to be completed by Summer 2018. Let’s take a look.

Approaching the parking plaza from northbound World Drive, we can see what will likely be a lane expansion.

As we get closer to the parking plaza, we can see the beginnings of the ramp along World Drive southbound.

A wider look at the parking plaza shows the ramp on the left side of the photo.

Making our way past the plaza, pillars are seen that will support the overpass.

To the right of the parking lot entry roadway (as seen above) is the other side of the overpass ramp (pictured below).

Here’s a look at the ramps and pillars lined up to better visualize how traffic will flow on the overpass from north to south.

A closer look at the southern ramp shows an angled support beam.

Other work on the project includes a new road that will bypass the parking plaza and connect to Vista Blvd and the Fort Wilderness area.

Here’s a look at the original permit, outlining the work to be done.

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