REVIEW: Sushi Rolls at Cool Ship in Tomorrowland

Sushi is on the menu in Tomorrowland! Cool Ship is now carrying two different sushi rolls and an edamame salad.

California Sushi Roll – $4.99

First up was the California Roll. Both of the sushi rolls come with 4 pieces, wasabi, ginger, and an optional serving of eel sauce. The California Roll had a classic taste and all of the ingredients were fresh. The serving size was just about right for us to grab this again as a quick snack. As a side note, the eel sauce earns a hard pass from us as it was way too salty.

The roll is one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Spicy Sushi Roll – $4.99

The spicy roll contains Yellow Fin Tuna and a nice little kick to it. It is supposed to be served with a sriracha aioli, but they were out on the day we visited. While we felt that there wasn’t enough kick to the spicy tuna, that would hopefully be solved by the aioli.

The roll is one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Edamame Salad – $3.49

The edamame salad was small. The flavors, if there were any, were subtle, and the actual edamame were few and far between. This one earns a pass from us.

The edamame salad is one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Overall, not a bad effort for counter service sushi from a snack location. We can recommend both rolls and hope that the edamame is improved upon. We’ll be sure to report back when we can try the sriracha aioli as well!


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