REVIEW: Two New “The Last Jedi” Scenes Added to Star Tours

Two new scenes inspired by “The Last Jedi” debuted today at Star Tours in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The following review will contain spoilers.

The first of the two new scenes is the opening scene. There are actually two versions of the opening. One with Kylo Ren and one without. The opening with Kylo Ren is very reminiscent of the opening with Darth Vader. Kylo Ren floats in and tells us we’re no match for the Dark Side. We make a narrow escape before jumping to lightspeed.

A familiar trip to Jakku is then followed up by a transmission from Maz Katana, Poe Dameron, or BB-8, explaining that they need our help!

Then it’s off to the mineral planet of Crait. A quick showdown with First Order forces takes place before we find ourselves in the interior mineral caverns, chased by tie fighters. We finally exit the caverns and find ourselves between resistance fighters and a line of AT-M6 walkers. General Hux orders our execution, but we narrowly escape to none other than Galaxy’s Edge and the newly announced planet of Batuu.

Update: Here’s a full ride through of the new sequences.


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