REVIEW, PHOTOS: Rose Gold Ear Cupcake Debuts for Festival of the Arts at Epcot

We made it out to Epcot this morning after hearing about rose gold ear cupcakes. After a bit of searching, we found them in the Sunshine Seasons bakery in The Land pavilion.

Rose Gold Ears Cupcake – $5.49

The perfect cupcake to compliment your rose gold ear Instagram photos has finally arrived. Not only is it photogenic, but it’s also a pretty decent cupcake. As far as flavor is concerned, it’s a vanilla base that is subtle, but effective. Layers and layers of decorative frosting almost double the cupcake in height. The ear and bow elements on top are made of a slightly chewy sugar. Enough of the description though, on to the photos!

The cupcakes will be available throughout the Festival of the Arts at Sunshine Seasons.


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