PHOTOS: Third Parking Garage Progresses at Disney Springs

As Disney Springs nears a full build out, there definitely needs to be more parking for the influx of guests. The $58 million project is about 11 months along now, and we’re starting to see some real progress in terms of the structure that will hold 3000 additional vehicles.

The structure is now 5 levels high.

A look to the east of the building shows the Disney Casting building and a possible entrance to the garage.

A second angle shows the process of constructing the garage.

Extra land is used to stage preformed concrete slabs.

While there has been quite a bit of progress lately, there is still plenty of land to develop.

Here’s a look back at the area affected from the air in comparison to the nearby Lime Garage.

In addition to the garage, Disney will be constructing a new pedestrian walkway for those utilizing the garage. The third parking garage will open next year.


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