PHOTOS: Modified Look for Tatooine Traders Unveiled at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Half of the Tatooine Traders renovation appears to be completed. The half of the Star Tours gift shop that we saw behind scrims last time we visited is now out from behind the scrims and stocked with merchandise. The new look removes the behind-the-scenes movie props and replaces them with a bit of light rockwork and metal theming.

Perhaps the most confusing and out-of-place element of the renovation are these two support pillars that used to be part of the Droid Factory. They really look like something that would be seen on Sunset Boulevard and not in a galaxy far, far away. It’s possible that the work unveiled above isn’t the final product and that we can expect to see theming consistent with these pillars around the merchandise racks in the future.

With one half of the store seemingly complete, work has shifted to the other side of the store. According to Cast, the registers that used to be in this location will not be returning and the space will be used for merchandise instead.

Work is expected to be completed later this month.

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