REVIEW: New Items Arrive at The Polite Pig in Disney Springs (Burnt Ends BBQ Meatballs, Smoked Turkey Sandwich, and Desserts)

The Polite Pig is a quick service restaurant located in Town Center at Disney Springs. The Polite Pig is billed as a barbecue outpost featuring Florida-inspired cuisine and an array of libations on tap. We originally reviewed the restaurant unfavorably when it debuted in April 2017. Since then, there have been some adjustments to the menu and preparation techniques that have led to more positive outcomes. Some new items have hit the menu recently and we decided to swing by earlier this week to give them a try!

Burnt Ends BBQ Meatballs – $12

The Burnt Ends BBQ Meatballs feature a house brisket, cheddar grits and Layla’s Sweet BBQ Sauce.

When you hear something like burnt ends BBQ meatballs, you immediately start paying attention. Since our first visit to The Polite Pig, we’ve never really been blown away by a food option, but these meatballs change all that. The three meatballs are slathered in a sweet bbq sauce and they sit atop a bed of cheddar grits. These were unbelievably good. A nice smokey flavor persists and is paired smartly with the sweet bbq. The meatballs were soft and surrendered to a fork easily. We can absolutely recommend these meatballs and might even suggest making a trip to The Polite Pig just for this dish.

Smoked Turkey BLT – $13

The Smoked Turkey BLT comes with sweet BBQ bacon-onion jam, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and Duke’s Mayo served with a pickle spear.

We have another winner here. The turkey itself was plentiful and cooked well. It was soft and wet thanks to the sweet BBQ bacon-onion jam. A sweet BBQ jam is just as excellent as it sounds, combining a jam mouthfeel with a sweet BBQ taste. Hints of bacon-onion showed up occasionally, but didn’t drive the flavoring nearly as much as the BBQ. Last but not least is the smoked flavor. The turkey had just as much of a smokiness as you’d find in the burnt end meatballs above. If you have to choose, we’d suggest the Burnt Ends BBQ Meatballs above, but this dish is also good and something that we can recommend.

Orange Blossom Pie – $7

On to the desserts now, starting with the Orange Blossom Pie. The Orange Blossom Pie was very reminiscent of a key lime pie, but with citrus flavors. The citrus that came through was tart and tasted like mandarin orange . The crust was as expected and the whole dessert was finished with a honey drizzle on top. We can recommend the Orange Blossom Pie.

Red Velvet Cake – $7

The red velvet cake was the only disappointment of the items we tried. The whole cake was too dry and the cream cheese and whipped cream wasn’t enough to save it. There was zero moisture here, earning it an easy pass.

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