We made it out to Animal Kingdom tonight and as we were walking around, looking for Christmas decorations, we spotted a blueish light coming from over the Pandora construction walls near Tiffins. Excited to see something new, we made our way over and snapped this long-exposure shot of the lighting testing that has now taken place two nights in a row. Of course, the first photo doesn’t 100% accurately display the lighting due to being a long exposure, but we wanted to show the detailing of the bridge as well.


This second photo more closely matches the amount of light that can be seen with the naked eye.


It is worth noting that the lights producing these colors actually looked like LED light bars, seen in this image I found on Google.


As impressive as the floating mountains look to us during the day, it has been said that Pandora – The World of Avatar will truly come alive after dark, and lighting will play a huge roll in setting the scene.

Edit: Here’s a look at the LED light bar as seen during the day.




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