Yesterday we posted some permits that show where a new Epcot entrance hotel could sit. After a closer examination of the permits we posted, there is reason to believe that an Epcot rename could be in the works.

As part of their Blue Sky vision, Disney showed off a piece of concept art that shows Future World going through a radical change from its current layout.

This change could be bring a renaming to either the park as a whole, or even just the Future World area. As seen in the permit below, Future World has the labeling of “Epcot World Center”.

A quick search doesn’t reveal any trademarks or other attempts by The Walt Disney Company to secure the name. We weren’t able to find any other references to “Epcot World Center” in existing permits, either.

It’s worth noting that permits, historically, are very meticulously and carefully labeled. This permit appears to employ the same┬ámeticulous labeling, leading us to believe that the naming isn’t a mistake.

That said, it’s possible that the person who constructed the permit was taking some artistic liberties… or that we’ll be able to visit a place called Epcot World Center in the future.


  1. Just a piece of trivia that MAY be relevant –
    When I read that label it reminded me that at that point is the center of the Walt Disney World property. Not just EPCOT but the entire resort or at least at the time EPCOT was constructed that was the center of all the land that the Walt Disney Company owned in Florida. This trivia was shared with me by a cast member a few years ago on a tour I was taking. Just a thought and a little different perspective.

  2. That may just be indicative of the business unit that controls EPCOT. A while back Disney split theme parks into “business units”. For instance, EPCOT used to have “Future World Center” and “World Showcase Center” as two business units who managed those sections of the park. So, it could just be an internal business name rather than a public facing name. But, that’s just my two cents. Since they’re straying from the “edutainment” focus and just making the park into a bunch of IP-driven, thrill-based attractions, maybe they should just completely rename the park anyway? I guess they could call it “EPCOT – Entertainment Promotional Center Of Tomorrow”. Maybe for Spaceship Earth, they could just have the various historic figures wearing Marvel / Disney / Pixar / Lucasfilm promotional apparel and change all the dialogue so they’re all talking about how awesome the latest movie is. The pharaoh could say, “Dudes, have you seen ‘Solo’ or ‘Infinity War’ yet? They’re freaking awesome!”. Johannes Gutenberg could be printing tee shirts for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3’. Then, at the top of the ride they could project the latest movie trailer onto the dome and sell movie tickets in the post-ride area. I think that sounds about right.


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