Will Epcot Be Renamed as Part of a Re-Imagining?

Yesterday we posted some permits that show where a new Epcot entrance hotel could sit. After a closer examination of the permits we posted, there is reason to believe that an Epcot rename could be in the works.

As part of their Blue Sky vision, Disney showed off a piece of concept art that shows Future World going through a radical change from its current layout.

This change could be bring a renaming to either the park as a whole, or even just the Future World area. As seen in the permit below, Future World has the labeling of “Epcot World Center”.

A quick search doesn’t reveal any trademarks or other attempts by The Walt Disney Company to secure the name. We weren’t able to find any other references to “Epcot World Center” in existing permits, either.

It’s worth noting that permits, historically, are very meticulously and carefully labeled. This permit appears to employ the same¬†meticulous labeling, leading us to believe that the naming isn’t a mistake.

That said, it’s possible that the person who constructed the permit was taking some artistic liberties… or that we’ll be able to visit a place called Epcot World Center in the future.

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