Bob Iger Talks Tomorrowland Overhaul at Walt Disney World

As part of the Disney shareholder meeting today, a question was posed to Bob Iger about Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World. Here’s a look at what he had to say about plans to overhaul Tomorrowland.

Question: Are there any plans to renovate Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World Resort?

Iger: That’s a very good question. We’ve been working with the Imagineers to consider a number of different concepts for Tomorrowland. They’ve got some great plans that we’ve recently reviewed. Nothing that we’re ready to announce at this point, but expect that in the years ahead there will be a lot of Tomorrowland activity.

While we already know about the Tron roller coaster, Iger seems to be talking about plans beyond the 2021 debut of the clone coaster from Shanghai Disneyland. Of course, there have been rumors of a Tomorrowland overhaul and reset back to a pre-1990’s look, but nothing announced. We have seen plenty of smaller changes taking place like the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor sign replacement, a new sign at Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, and more.

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