Here Are the Four Creatures You’ll Be Tasked with Searching for in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We’re a week away from the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and a secret transmission has been received by some allies on Batuu. While we all might be eagerly awaiting a chance to board the Millennium Falcon and pilot the fastest ship in the Galaxy, there is going to be a lot more to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge than flying around or enjoying a Rancor Teeth Beer Flight. As a matter of fact, Disney has built out a section of the Play Disney Parks app that will keep you entertained when you’re not in multi-hour lines for Smugglers Run, the handbuilt Lightsaber experience, or even for exclusive Coca-Cola thermal detonator bottles.

There will be a few different missions within the Play Disney Parks app that will send you all over Batuu, but one in particular is said to send you on a creature-finding hunt. The task will help you prove your worth as a visitor to Batuu as you find four creatures throughout the land.

So what four creatures are you looking for?

  • Mynock
  • Dianoga
  • Ollopom
  • Brain Worms

The Mynock is described as a leathery-winged parasite that are found throughout deep space, roosting in asteroid fields and sometimes lurking in damp locations. There are various subspecies of Mynock to be found throughout the Galaxy, but luckily you’re only looking for one.

The Dianoga is described as “big tentacle things that hang out in sewer systems and water tanks”. Actually, the Dianoga is a creature that we saw all the way back at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration presentation with Lucasfilm members and Imagineers. We captured a piece of concept art that should show you the exact location of the Dianoga, hiding within the reserve tank of a marketplace water fountain.

Next up is the Ollopom. This one might be tougher to spot because “Ollopoms are all about camouflage”. The Ollopom is a green swamp creature that looks “kinda like a lily pad on top and a 6-legged rat underneath”.

The Brain Worms are the last creature in our list. Brain Worms are most happy hanging out in people’s brains, but can also be found slithering in water as well.

So, are you ready to hunt for some alien creatures? Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens May 31st at Disneyland and August 29th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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