Star Wars Hotel Continues to Rise at Walt Disney World

While driving around Walt Disney World property, there are quite a few hotels to watch the construction of. None are more interesting and mysterious than the Star Wars hotel under construction in the shadow of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We made it out to take a look at the construction site today and found quite a bit of progress since our last look.

As you can see below, concrete forms have been raised near where we first spotted vertical construction. These walls will likely form the shape of the exterior walls at the hotel. Here’s a look at the Star Wars hotel construction with the spires of Black Spire Outpost rising behind it.

Two more concrete forms sit nearby (to the left of the above image).

As a reminder, the Star Wars hotel will sit on a plot of land close to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here’s a look back at the land clearing (middle) from October 2018.

Back to today, we adjust our viewing angle a bit to get a better look at the walls in place from this afternoon. You can see the first construction that we spotted earlier this year in the foreground.

Another looks shows what appear to be some windows and doorways.

It’s interesting to note that while the guest rooms will have windows, those windows will be looking out into space from this spaceship resort. These windows will have projection technology in use to create the effect and are likely not the same windows as seen above.

Keep checking back with as we continue to cover the construction and news for the Star Wars hotel coming to Walt Disney World Resort.

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