Northern Entrance to Walt Disney World Set to Open Next Week

A new roadway that will effectively act as the northern entrance to Walt Disney World will open on July 10th. The roadway will essentially provide a bypass past the backstage areas, allowing guests to travel from Reams Road to Floridian Way. As the neighborhoods north of Walt Disney World have built up over the past 5 years, more and more guests have been using the Reams Road backstage entrance as a means of getting onto Walt Disney World property.

In addition to bypassing backstage areas, this new road will allow traffic to continuously flow from Floridian Way to Reams Road during perimeter fireworks on select Not-So-Scary and Very Merry Christmas nights. In years past, traffic would either have to detour nearly 45 minutes around the blockade before, during, and after fireworks, or simply wait for the road to reopen.

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