Slow Sales for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Prompt Salesman Kiosk Pilot Program at Magic Kingdom Area Resorts

Slow sales of tickets to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year have prompted a new pilot program that aims to get guests staying at Magic Kingdom area resorts to buy more tickets. So far, the 2019 edition of the Halloween party has sold out three dates, which is about average for this time of year. That said, sales have been considered slow enough for Disney to add salesman kiosks at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort in an effort to sell more tickets. The resorts targeted not only have higher average per night rates than other hotels around property, they are also conveniently located, connected to Magic Kingdom via the monorail system.

According to Cast Members we spoke with at the kiosks, this is a limited-time pilot program to see if they can sell more tickets to guests at the three area resorts. In addition to the kiosks, there are child-sized, walk-in photo ops near the kiosks and a-frame advertisements at the bus stops.

We also spotted an advertisement for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort near the quick-service queue.

For a full review of the 2019 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, check out our post from the first party of the year.

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  1. REALLY, SLOW SALES????? COMPARED TO WHAT?? TO THE NIGHTS PEOPLE CAN BEARLY MOVE DUE TO THE CROWDS???? I was there for a party the other night, for a hefty additional sum yet lower than the nights in October, and there were still longer lines at the rides and eateries, along with packed crowds, just shy of sardine mode for the parades and castle show. Granted it was better than last year when it felt like we were shoulder to shoulder but it was far from being a “low attendance” evening!!
    Instead of looking at this from a Money Grubber’s view, go back when the these parties first started and think about the real idea behind people attending these parties……to give people a chance to have a special experience, being able to NOT have long wait times for rides, food, etc and NOT having to be in constant contact with the other bodies around them. As usual, the only concern is the almighty dollar, once again losing what Walt’s Dream was Really About!!!!!
    “Cha-Ching, Cha-Cha-Ching”, Disney’s new theme song.

    • Went on tues 17th. when i saw article, I thought “slow, hate to see it on a busy day.” Left before 10, barely room to move.

  2. When will Disney get it. They have simply priced everything so high that people are beginning to migrate away and have started spending their hard earned dollars where they can get more for their efforts. They have essentially made the experience unattainable for a majority of the public and that is truly a shame. I get that they are a business out to make money, but is has gotten out of hand. They have raised prices, cut entertainment and staff, ostracized pass-holders & cheapened the overall experience in many areas by charging their customers more for less. When you have to resort to dedicated measures to try to sell a product that previously sold itself, you have crossed a line of your product being a viable value.

  3. What may help sales across the board is if they lowered prices to something reasonable. Park tickets are ridiculous. Party tickets are exorbitant. Food prices are insane. They need to focus on something other than the bottom line.

  4. I can completely understand sales getting slower for the Disney evening parties. I have been going to WDW since the 70’s and am now a DVC member and have introduced my 3 Children to the wonders of being a Disney family. When we first took the kids to Not So Scary we paid $40 per person. Now with tickets around $100 we would pay over $500 vs. $200. They would sell out in a heartbeat if they just keep the prices reasonable. Additionally we find it hard to go now since none of us can dress up.

    • Why can’t you dress up? We were a family of 4, 3 adults 1 child and we all dressed as pirates. Saw many adults with costumes as well.

  5. We are not frequent WDW flyers (but I seriously want to be!). We had no idea the Halloween thing was separate and that they close the park early. We saw people streaming in when we were there when Hurricane Dorian was trying to figure out its route. Didn’t want to spend the extra $ when we had been there all day.

  6. Slow sales?? I was there Sunday night and it was quite packed. Enough trying to jam in as many people as possible, this is getting ridiculous

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