New MagicBand Packaging Improves Presentation, Reduces Protection

New MagicBand packaging is rolling out to merchandise locations around Walt Disney World, and it’s quite a departure from previous packaging. As we saw in Gateway Gifts in Epcot, the new Goofy Annual Passholder MagicBand is using new packaging that presents the MagicBand quite well, but reduces the protection offered.

The packaging stretches the MagicBand to present the full graphics in a single view clearly and simply. This is a huge improvement over previous iterations of the packaging that presented the MagicBand in a circular form, much like it would be if it was sitting on your wrist. By showing off the MagicBand in this new packaging, guests can get a full view of the MagicBand and without needing to ask for a Cast Member to remove it from the packaging. Because MagicBands are non-refundable, it’s important that the guest gets a clear view of the product they’re purchasing. While the old packaging did have a clear plastic that would allow guests to see through, because of the circular shape that it was presented in, it was sometimes tough to see exactly what the graphics looked like.

Here’s a look at the old packaging.

While the presentation is better, Disney make a compromise with the packaging by removing all of the protective plastic. Now, it’s unlikely that the MagicBands will get very dirty or damaged, but if you’re buying a MagicBand in the new packaging, it might be worth it to take an extra minute to make sure the graphic looks good before you head to the cash register.

What do you think, do you like the new packaging? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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  1. Considering I’ve worn a magic band for several days at a time, 24/7, and it never showed any wear & tear, I’m not too worried about the new packaging.

  2. Great for the environment to eliminate plastic! I like the presentation too. I have a bunch of MagicBands and they very durable. I wouldn’t be concerned with damage.


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