While there are some new walls up on the west side of the Epcot entrance, one element of the entrance project overhaul that has always remained behind walls is the Epcot entrance fountain.

As a reminder, the fountain will be receiving retro theming, going back to the look that the fountain had when the park first opened. Here’s a look at the fountain as seen in concept art released last year.

A piece of concept art was later released that showed the fountain from the ground too.

As you might remember, here’s a look at the fountain when it first went behind walls last summer.

We took a lap around the Epcot monorail yesterday to get an updated look at the Innoventions West demolition, but we also noticed some new theming elements added to the entrance fountain.

As of publish time, Disney has not stated a date for the completion of this project, but it’s likely to be wrapped up in the coming months.


  1. Based on the box and piping at the top and the raised edges with waterproofing membrane on them it looks to me like this is more of an in place test of different textures / patterns of tile and how the water will flow over and around them.


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