REVIEW: Eats at The Epcot Experience Debuts Utilitarian Options as Sun Sets on Electric Umbrella

Is it a new restaurant? Does anyone care? Should this review exist? We’re at the all-new dining offering within an attraction – Eats at The Epcot Experience!

Eats at The Epcot Experience is meant to be a utilitarian offering when Electric Umbrella closes and hungry guests will be roaming Future World looking for a place to eat. There is no announced closing date for Electric Umbrella yet. While The Epcot Experience is undoubtedly one of the highlights of any Epcot visit these days, the food and drink offerings have been snacks only until today. Here’s our review of Eats at The Epcot Experience.

Pepperoni Flatbread – $11.75

If you’re desperate for a flatbread, this might hit the spot. We found ours to not be overly fresh, but as some of the first guests of the day, maybe they pre-made a few expecting some orders right at 11am.

A light bit of seasoning gave the flatbread more than just a pepperoni, cheese, and pizza sauce taste, which was appreciated. We won’t be ordering it again though, as it didn’t really make much of an impression beyond “just ok”.

Turkey and Mozzarella Sandwich – $11

Next up is a pre-packaged turkey and mozzarella sandwich. This was perhaps the most disappointing. Not necessarily for the taste, but for the fact that it came pre-packaged without much effort. It’s $11 for something that, just like the flatbread, doesn’t make it higher than “just ok” on the recommendation scale.

Two slices of mozzarella are hidden behind a dry brioche bun. The sun-dried tomato aioli was probably the highlight of the sandwich. Again, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend visiting Eats at The Epcot Experience at all, but if you do, we probably would go with the next option.

You get a choice of chips with the sandwich.

Chopped Salad with Chicken – $11.75

The salad offered the most variety of flavor of any of the dishes, and we enjoyed it. For $9.50, you can get the salad without chicken, which might be the better option as the chicken tasted reheated. The agave lime vinaigrette was the highlight of the salad, with notable supporting roles going to the fruit found in the mixed greens. A nice summer salad, which makes sense given The Epcot Experience will act as a nice reprieve from the heat as we exit “winter” here in Orlando.

Cookie Chunk Brownie – $5.00

The cookie crunch brownie comes over from Electric Umbrella and continues to be wonderful for anyone looking for a treat.

Overall, Eats at The Epcot Experience might not be your first option at Epcot, but the utilitarian options here might hold everyone over until Electric Umbrella, or some version of it, returns to Epcot in the future.

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