Cinderella Castle Will Be Painted “Rose-Pink” at Walt Disney World

When the concept art of the Cinderella Castle royal makeover first came out, social media was ablaze with opinions and speculation about the art. Perhaps the most argued point was the pinkish hue on the base of the castle. Other changes such as the golden accents and deeper blue turret roofs were in less debate about their existence, but more on the actual aesthetic.

With two camps forming, the argument was clear-cut: either you thought that Disney was getting out a can of paint to get a pinkish glow to the castle, or the appearance of pink was actually due to the early morning hour that the original photo that the concept art was based on was taken.

For reference, here’s the current photo of Cinderella Castle that can be found on the Disney website, complete with early morning glow.

And here’s the concept art that Disney released. What do you think? Will Disney be adding a new, pinkish, coat of paint to Cinderella Castle to achieve the look below or not? Turns out, Disney has actually answered that question…sort of.

While details on the official press release were light, not even mentioning some more obvious enhancements like the darker blue on the turret roofs, a new article from ABC News directly addresses the pinkish glow in the concept art.

As you might know, Disney is the parent company for ABC News, which means that ABC would have access to the information (and people) needed to answer the “pink or sunrise” question.

According to ABC News, Cinderella Castle will, in fact, be receiving a new coat of paint that they call “a soft rose-pink“.

So there you have it, Cinderella Castle will be getting a rose-pink layer of paint on what is currently quite beige as seen in the photos below.

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