Milk Stand Breakfast Review at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Green Milk Bread Pudding, Spicy Egg Bite, and Coconut Milk Yogurt)

Breakfast is served! With the extreme popularity of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in the morning thanks to Rise of the Resistance, Disney has debuted a Milk Stand breakfast. We review.

Typically a spot to try the divisive Blue or Green Milk, the Milk Stand has never served food before today, much less a breakfast.

Saka Farm Egg Bite – $6.99

Egg-white bite with Tomato Sauce, Feta, Bread Crumbs

We start with the Saka Farm Egg Bite. Not plural, egg. All of the desserts are the same size, served in the same container. The egg bite came out piping hot, but we were also the very first guests, so it remains to see if that’ll be repeatable as the morning progresses.

As you can see in the photo below, the egg is formed into a single “bite” and settled beneath plenty of tomato sauce. The sauce is filled with peppers and packs a bit of heat. The tomato sauce probably overpowers the dish, but it’s the little bit of heat that will stick with you throughout the morning. It’s not bad, but you can probably do better at Milk Stand and can definitely do better at Docking Bay 7 or Ronto Roasters.

Green Milk Bread Pudding – $6.49

Bread Pudding made with Green Milk

Everything you love about Green Milk…now in bread pudding. This is actually our favorite of the three offerings, despite our strong opinions against Green Milk. Hard cookie-like crumbles on top of the dish provide a wonderful contrast to the soft, moist bread pudding underneath. This is THE way Green Milk should be experienced. As a drink, Green Milk can be overpowering, but in the bread pudding the flavors are more subtle and complimentary to a sweet bread pudding. We’re fans.

Wamba Yogurt Cup – $6.49

Coconut milk yogurt with Green Milk and Seasonal Fruit

Finally, we find ourselves face to face with the Wamba Yogurt Cup. A light, sweet flavor pairs nicely with the seasonal melons on top. There is no coconut flavor in the dish that almost tastes like a fruity blue milk. It’s ok, but we can’t stop thinking about the Green Milk Bread Pudding and neither should you!

Overall, the lineup of breakfast items provides a much more robust flavor profile than we were expecting going in! The Milk Stand breakfast is a wonderful addition to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Seriously, have someone hold your spot in the long line for Smugglers Run at rope drop and grab the Green Milk Bread Pudding!

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