Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood Dinner Menu Officially Released

Disney has officially released the full Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood dinner menu online.


Chilled Marinated Mussels ‘Escabéche’ – $3
saffron aioli

Olive Oil-poached Tuna with Lemon – $3
olive, green onion aioli

Traditional ‘Tortilla Española’ – Spanish Potato Omelet – $3
jamón serrano, picholine olive relish

Anchovy and Manchego Cheese – $3
quince, almond

Valdeón Blue Cheese – $3
fig, honeycomb

Salt Cod-stuffed Piquillo Peppers – $3


Garlic Shrimp ‘Pil Pil’ – $18
‘aji amarillo’ yellow pepper sauce

Rioja-braised Chorizo – $15
field onions

‘Aceitunas’ Marinated Olives – $11
citrus, garlic, crushed red pepper

Piquillo Pepper – $12
herbed goat cheese, lemon

Charred Octopus – $15
romesco, chimichurri

Tronchón Cheese Gratinado – $10
tupelo honey, lavender

House Boards

Spanish Charcuterie – $18
olives, fig jam, pickled peppers, charred toast

Artisanal Manchego Cheese Vertical – $15
honeycomb, ‘membrillo’ quince jam, stone fruit, grissini

The Spaniard for Two – $35
Chefs’ signature selection of artisanal charcuterie and cheeses


Heirloom Tomatoes – $10
stone fruit, farmer’s cheese, fermented garlic, torn mint

Jamón Serrano and Compressed Melon – $12
fennel pollen, arbequina oil, grissini

Romaine Salad – $10
watercress, white anchovy, garden radish, cracked black pepper, soft-poached hen egg

Savory Churros – $10
chorizo, oregano, romesco, lemon

Pan con Tomate – $10
grilled bread, crushed tomato, olive oil, garlic


Golden Tilefish – $34
petite potato, cauliflower, fennel, Valencia orange sauce

Scallops – $32
fava hummus, olives, harissa vinaigrette, roasted carrots, yogurt powder

Hanger Steak – $32
crushed new potatoes, salsa verde, greens, charred peppers, yellow pepper

Manhattan Filet – $36
olive oil-potato purée, grilled onions, dates, sherry vinaigrette

Bone-In Pork Chop Paillard – $30
roasted potatoes, romesco, arugula, fennel, lemon

Red Wine-braised Chicken – $28
grapes, sherry vinegar, roasted tomato ‘bomba’ rice

Plant-based ‘Seafood’ – $30
Chefs’ vegan presentation of classic seafood presentations – crab cakes, calamari, scallops, citrus-infused couscous

Rib-Eye for Two – $89
beef candle, tomato, onions, oregano, choice of two house sides


Blistered Shishito Peppers – $8

Olive Oil-Potato Purée – $8
Manchego cheese, arbequina oil, cracked pepper

Roasted Cauliflower – $8
harissa vinaigrette, watercress

‘Bravas’ Potatoes – $8
pimenton aioli

Braised Gigante Beans – $8
aged sherry vinaigrette

‘Spigarello’ – Mediterranean Broccoli – $8
honey, golden raisins


‘The Toledo Tapas Bar’ – $12
A progressive dessert tasting with the flavors of Spanish coffee, crunchy chocolate, raspberry mousse, and lemon curd

Classic Crema Catalana – $8
Valencia orange, chocolate tuile

Chocolate-Avocado Mousse, A Plant-based Dessert – $10
strawberry-basil sorbet, coconut crumble

‘Café con Leche’ Profiterole – $9
dark chocolate, vanilla whipped cream

Kids’ Appetizers (à la carte)

Jamón Serrano and Melon – $3

Green Salad – $3

Hummus, Carrot Sticks, Grissini – $3

Kids’ Create-Your-Own Entrées (choose one)

Hanger Steak – $14
salsa verde

Braised Chicken – $11

Roasted Tilefish – $13

Meatballs with Gigante Bean Sauce – $10

Beef Mushroom-blended Cheeseburger – $10

Garlic Shrimp ‘Pil Pil’ – $12

Kids’ Create-Your-Own Selections (choose two)

Braised Gigante Beans

Roasted Yellow Carrots

‘Bravas’ Potatoes
pimenton aioli

Green Vegetable

‘Aceitunas’ Marinated Olives

Roasted Cauliflower

Chocolate Pudding, A Plant-based Dessert

Strawberry Mickey Mousse


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