Photos + Video: Disney Springs Starbright Holidays drone show

    Last night marked the official start of Disney Springs’ new show, Starbright Holidays. It was the first time a drone show of this scale has been performed not only for Disney, but the whole United States of America. Here are some pictures and video we grabbed of the show.


    disneyspringsstarbrightdrones-3 disneyspringsstarbrightdrones-4

    Just in case you’re curious, here’s the Intel Shooting Star, the drone that Disney is using to make this magic happen in collaboration with Intel.


    In a video explaining the technology, Intel states that the entire show fleet of 300 drones can be run by just two people. Well, one person, really, but a second just as a backup.


    Overall, the technology was impressive, but the show left us wanting more. The biggest disappointment was the lack of recognizable shapes. If you’re scratching your head, wondering what you’re watching in the video, you’re not alone. The only shapes that we could immediately make out were the Christmas Tree and the dove. Also, we watched from behind Bongos, which is apparently the ideal angle to watch from and the angle that Disney even used to shoot their promo videos.

    If Disney were to create more recognizable shapes and effects, they would be able to lengthen the show (drone battery permitting). Those two changes would make this an unbelievable show to watch, and probably worthy of a spot in the parks. As it is, it’s a good show that is impressive to watch. A good first attempt by Disney in a field that they will no doubt be looking to expand on and use in the parks for future nighttime spectaculars.

    If you find yourselves in the Disney parks between now and January 8th, grab a bite to eat at Disney Springs and then carve out a few minutes in your evening to check out Starbright Holidays!


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