I was recently contacted by KEEP Collective to review their latest collection: Disney! They sent me a band, 3 charms and a mini pendant for review. My thoughts below.

The Band Keeper $39

The band came in the Minnie box. The outside displays the black band that is embossed with Mickey heads around the entire band. The band is reversible in rose gold that is printed and reads, “IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT”. It fits small to large wrists and is 8.75”. The band itself was not difficult to fasten. It may take some practice, but it’s not anything out of the ordinary. I was pleasantly surprised that the leather wasn’t rigid but instead comfortably conformed to my wrist.

The Charms

The charms came in individual boxes and were neatly encased in a plastic wrapper. I can appreciate that they were in a plastic baggie and not being thrown around in the box. The three that were sent were: Vintage Mickey, Minnie Silhouette, and Magic. All of the charms are nickel and lead tested and fit on all Keepers. They’re also flat on the back side and sit flush to your wrist making them comfortable.

Vintage Mickey $19

The Vintage Mickey charm is a hand painted enamel charm that is plated in ionic gold. He is very cute in a charming pose that gives this charm the classic Mickey personality.

Minnie Silhouette $19

The Minnie Silhouette charm is a hand set pave charm that is plated in rose gold. This is my favorite charm because it looks beautiful on the rose gold side as well as the black side! It’s a sophisticated and classy nod to Minnie.

Magic $15

The Magic charm is plated in ionic silver and in true Disney form, has a tiny hidden Mickey to dot the “I”. The word itself is very easy to read thanks to its font and size.

Overall Review

I put all three charms on both sides of the bands to see how they looked and how they fit. The charms slipped on very easily and stayed in their spots. Because of this excellent feature, I don’t see the charms getting caught on clothes or hitting up against random objects.

A huge WIN about the band and charms is that there is NO clanking, jingling, or shifting of beads and bracelets! I love the fact that they sit flat on my wrist and are light. There is nothing weighing down my wrist so I can’t tell the difference between wearing one charm or three. And because it’s so light (no extra weight weighing it down), it’s the perfect accessory to wear throughout the Parks or just every day. *Wore the band out to the parks and completely forgot about it! It was as comfortable as my MagicBand and never posed a problem!

Personally, I liked some color combinations better than others. On the black side, all of the colors pop great! On the rose gold side, the Minnie Silhouette is subtle, but classy and the Vintage Mickey charm looks great on that side as well.

Overall, I love the pieces that I was sent. The designs are simple yet detailed and the features are done right. You will definitely catch me rocking this band at the Parks. And of course, as Blog Minnie, I’ll have to add the Minnie Bow and Vintage Minnie to my collection! ?

To order yours, check out: https://www.keepcollective.com/with/courtneycrane


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