The Comeback Kid apparel line has debuted at the Parks. The graphics and designs are reminiscent to the early ’90s with fun fonts and colors.

The first black Men’s Mickey tee is $24.99 and the long sleeve Mickey Mouse with sleeve designs is $39.99

The white Men’s Mickey tee is $29.99

The collection also features a scarf for $24.99 and a long sleeve sweatshirt with high collar for $54.99.

Tanks are also available and this black Mickey tank is $29.99

The Women’s teal collar and sleeves is available for $32.99

Accessories available include a bag ($39.99), fanny pack ($19.99), flip flops ($14.99), a white hat ($24.99), and a black hat ($21.99).

The Men’s gray sleeveless is $32.99 and the rain/weatherproof jacket is $64.99.

The final two pieces are a gray Men’s tee for $34.99 and a zip hoodie for $59.99.

We found this collection at Mouse Gear in Epcot and Keystone Clothiers in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Don’t forget the MagicBand ($22.99) that is available on the Shop Disney Parks App and should be available in the Parks soon!


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