As Disney Springs nears its fully renovated build out, one of the venues with the most buzz is The Edison. Open for lunch, dinner, and late nights, The Edison is proving to be a very versatile location. We’ll have our review shortly, but we wanted to give you a photo tour of the new location at Disney Springs first!


The exterior features brickwork, large windows, and metal, previewing what you can expect when you get inside.

There is a newly installed “fire alarm” box with the menu inside.


You’re immediately greeted by a functioning clock in addition to some beautiful lighting elements.

Dining Areas

The venue is split into a few different areas over two floors. You enter on the second floor, with most of the dining seating on the first floor. We’ll start upstairs.

The upstairs spaces basically work around two large holes. One looks down onto what becomes a dance floor/performance area at night, and one is for the main staircase.

The main staircase features an old piece of machinery.

Making our way downstairs, there are a lot of table configurations, ranging from two-tops, up to longer configurations that can accommodate 10 or more guests. The stairs drop you off next to the multipurpose area. For lunch and dinner, it’s used to seat guests. At about 9:30pm, the tables are cleared for entertainment acts.

A look down at the space from the second floor.

Continuing our tour, we can see that the space is used to its fullest potential, while never feeling too crowded.

Some nooks of the restaurant are filled with less traditional seating arrangements.


There are three bars at The Edison, one on the upper level, and two downstairs.

Here’s a look at the smaller one upstairs.

This bar is downstairs, and sits right next to the entertainment space.

A larger, wrap-around bar is situated on the opposite side of the first floor from the entertainment space.

The Edison is a very purpose-built venue, but it feels exactly like an old power plant should. Metal and eroded walls have been turned into something quite beautiful and rustic.

We’ll be back with a dining review early next week!


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