VIDEO: New Welcome Message at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Points to Star Wars and Toy Story Land

Disney’s Hollywood Studios now has a new morning welcome message, and we were at the park this morning to capture it. The welcome message is short, sweet, and to the point. Gone are the days of the Hollywood that never was and into the worlds of Star Wars and Toy Story. First, here’s the video we captured, followed by our transcription of the welcome message.

Here’s the welcome message:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to your Hollywood Adventure. Where we invite you to dream, wonder, and imagine. Step with us now into this amazing world and bring your own exciting story from a galaxy far, far away to infinity and beyond – where dreams come true. Welcome to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The new welcome message is very similar to the wording spotted on a survey from August 2017 that asked respondents to choose a new name for the park. Disney has since stated that the name of Hollywood Studios wouldn’t be changing, but they seem to have liked the description enough to work it into a new morning welcome message.

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