PHOTOS: Disney Snacks Scented Pillows Arrive at Disney Parks

If you thought the initial two waves of Disney Snacks merchandise releases was enough, think again! While exploring Disneyland today, we found five new scented Disney Snacks pillows. All of the pillows we found were retailing for $27.99. Here’s a rundown of what we found!

Minnie Donut

First up is the Minnie Donut. The Minnie Donut scented pillow features pink frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and a red bow. The Minnie Donut scented pillow smelled like strawberries!

Disney Snacks Scented Pillows

Mickey Bar

Next up, we’ll take a bite out of the Mickey Bar scented pillow. A classic Disney Parks snack deserves a classic scent of chocolate!

Disney Snacks Scented Pillows

Minnie Macaron

The Minnie Macaron scented pillow comes in all pink and smells like strawberry.

Disney Snacks Scented Pillows

Dole Whip

A fan favorite is up next with a Dole Whip scented pillow! The pillow has a faint smell of pineapple.

Disney Snacks Scented Pillows

Minnie Cupcake

Finally, we have arrived at the Minnie Cupcake. This had the faintest of all the scenes. We only picked up hints of chocolate here.

Disney Snacks Scented Pillows


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