Day of the Dead merchandise has been added to the Halloween lineup this year! Items include Minnie Mouse ears that are similar to the Coco ears we saw last year, a new ear hat, and new tees for adults and kids. We found this collection at Mouse Gear in Epcot.

Dia de los Muertos Ears – $27.99

To celebrate the Day of the Dead, new Minnie Ears have debuted! The ears are very similar to those that were released last year to celebrate the movie ‘Coco’. Last years ears featured bright neon pink, green, blue, orange, and red flowers with a black bow and mainly black pattern.

This year, the ears feature a purple side bow with yellow, purple, orange, white, and red flowers behind the bow. The ears are black and feature skulls, Mickey Mouse patterns, and flowers throughout.

Dia de los Muertos Ear Hat – $27.99

Along with the new Minnie ears is a new ear hat! The new ear hat features a skull on the front with a black top hat that has flowers on its side. The new ear hat proudly displays “Day of the Dead Celebration” in Spanish split up on each of the ears.

Day of the Dead Women’s Tee – $34.99

Matching the ear hat design is a new, black women’s tee featuring the skull as well as flowers. The bottom of the shirt says “Day of the Dead Celebration” as well as Walt Disney World.

Day of the Dead Tie Dye Adult Tee – $34.99

To continue the Day of the Dead celebration, there’s also an orange tie dye adult tee that features a black skull with “Walt Disney World” on the left sleeve of the tee.

Day of the Dead Youth Tees – $19.99 Each

There are two kids tees available for purchase. The first is an orange Walt Disney World 2019 tee that features the same skull that we have seen on the other pieces of merchandise. The second kids tee is a black tee featuring the same skull with flowers and music notes.


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