New Villains Halloween Merchandise Line Featuring Captain Hook, Cruella, the Evil Queen, and Maleficent

    Following a plethora of Halloween merchandise that has debuted today, a new villains collection has appeared as well. The line features Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, the Evil Queen, and Maleficent. The collection features very bright colors and silhouettes of everyone’s favorite villains as the main feature of the line.

    Captain Hook Tee – $24.99

    The new Captain Hook tee is a bright green tee featuring a black silhouette of the villain as well as “Captain of Bad” on the silhouette as well as “Walt Disney World” on the bottom of the shirt.

    Cruella Tank – $34.99

    This bright pink tee is simple and straight forward featuring Cruella De Vil’s silhouette with “It’s Good to be Bad” on the silhouette.

    Evil Queen Tee – $29.99

    Highlighting the Evil Queen’s signature purple is the main feature of the tee. With the Evil Queen in silhouette form, she truly is “The Evil Queen of Halloween”!

    Evil Queen Apron – $34.99

    Featuring the same silhouette that is on the tee, the Evil Queen is the main villain on this bright pink apron. On the bottom half of the apron are silhouette portraits of other villains such as: Maleficent, Captain Hook, Cruella, the Evil Queen herself, and Ursula.

    Light Up Snow Globe – $49.99

    An interesting piece in the line is a Maleficent snow globe. Featuring Maleficent and her crow, the light up snow globe has purple and pink glitter inside. The bottom features “I’m a Monster at Heart” in purple, glitter letters. The most impressive feature of the snow globe is the dragon silhouette. When facing maleficent, the dragon that is on the back, overwhelms the front of the globe giving it a magnified appearance. When you turn the snow globe, you can get a clear visual of the dragon.

    Maleficent Hat – $27.99

    Following the same print on the snow globe, this Maleficent hat also features “I’m a Monster at Heart” in green sequins on the front of the hat. In true Maleficent fashion, black horns are on the side of the hat with green sequins. Overall, the hat is covered in purple sequins and is black on the back.

    Poison Apple Mug – $22.99

    Of course it wouldn’t be a Halloween season with some poison apple merchandise! Featuring the classic ruby red apple this mug has a white overlay to transform it into the dangerous poison apple.

    Poison Apple Candle Holder – $19.99

    Finally, to round up the villains collection is a poison apple candle holder! The poison apple has a top that is removable and the back is accessible. On the back, “Just One Bite” is in purple with space to fit a tea sized candle. Newsletter

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