iPhone 11 Protective Phone Cases Pop Up at Disney Parks

The release of a new iPhone means the release of new protective iPhone cases. Unlike the last generation of iPhone, the iPhone 11 has a vastly different camera array, necessitating a new phone case design. While visiting Epcot today, we noticed the first iPhone 11 case we’ve spotted so far. The case is a 3D design featuring Stitch and a new cutout for the camera.

When talking with Cast Members, they said that they’ve had the mold necessary to design the cases for weeks, if not longer, but they needed to rework the art to make it fit perfectly. It’s this need to rework the art that led to the delay in rollout and probably why we see such a simple design as the first one to be adapted. It’s likely that we’ll see more designs roll out in the coming days and weeks, so if you have the new iPhone, keep an eye out!

Another interesting thing to note is that Disney is branding these cases as backwards compatible with the previous version of the iPhone, in this case, the iPhone Xs Max. While it’s true that the phone and camera will fit in the case, it’s not a perfect design. To compare, here’s a look at the previous iPhone Xs design. Notice the difference in camera notch design.

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