Imagineer Acknowledges “Kiester” Typo on Rethemed Boardwalk Resort Slide, Will Fix Before Unveiling to Guests

Readers of the site should not be surprised by a typo here and there. Admittedly, I’m probably better at taking a photo than spelling, but what may be shocking is that the typo came straight from Disney this time. As you can see in the photo posted to the Walt Disney Imagineering Instagram account below (before being deleted), Disney had a typo when trying to spell out “Keister Coaster” – swapping the e and the i incorrectly.

Even we had to go back over our own post yesterday to make sure that we didn’t have the typo this time. Quickly becoming the face of Walt Disney Imagineering via his presence on Instagram and work on the EPCOT overhaul, Imagineer Zach Riddley took the typo in stride, calling it a “goofy” typo and said that Disney would (of course) be correcting it before unveiling the new Mickey and friends theme for the slide to guests.

It might not go down with some of the all-time great typos like EPOCT or Disney’s Amimal Kingdom, but it’s nice to see Riddley have a sense of humor about it via his Instagram Story.

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