Tomorrowland Refresh Continues with Removal of Old Theming Elements

    The entrance to Tomorrowland is a bit more wide open this morning with the removal of some of the old theming elements near the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. As you can see in the photos below, two sails were removed recently from the area.

    Here’s a look at the area with the old theming elements installed.

    And here’s a look at the area today.

    When the theming is completed, it’s likely that the bare support columns will look like the other, themed support columns.

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    1. They basically turned it from a fun themed area to blank, white, and i-phone like. Its like any trance of creativity or fun was sucked out.

    2. I’d really like to see some concept art of what they’re going for here. I loved New Tomorrowland and this just seems boring.

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