Disneyland Expands Alcohol Offerings to Blue Bayou Restaurant


    Disney has just announced that they will be expanding their alcohol offerings at Disneyland Park to the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

    Blue Bayou Restaurant in Disneyland Park

    In 2019, Disneyland broke through nearly 65 years of being “dry” by serving alcohol for the first time since Disneyland opened its gates in 1955. Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge held the title of the first location to serve alcohol to the average guest when it opened in the summer of 2019.

    Assortment of drinks at Oga’s Cantina in Disneyland Park

    Of course, Club 33 members had access to alcoholic beverages long, long before 2019, but booze was always out of reach to the average guest. In fact, Walt Disney himself is quoted as saying that serving alcohol “brings in a rowdy element”.

    No liquor, no beer, nothing. Because that brings in a rowdy element. That brings people that we don’t want and I feel they don’t need it.
    Walt Disney

    Now, Blue Bayou Restaurant will join Oga’s Cantina in serving alcohol when the location reopens later this summer – two years after alcohol was first served to the general public in Disneyland Park. Blue Bayou Restaurant will serve beer, wine, and a signature cocktail. Here’s the announcement from Disney:

    Blue Bayou Restaurant in Disneyland park will soon offer new beverage options that elevate the culinary experience. This guest-favorite spot will open after the theme parks reopen, and we’ll share that date as soon as we can. The enhanced offerings fit right in with the story and spirit of the Blue Bayou and reflect what many of our guests have requested.

    The new additions will complement the menu and theme of the restaurant, with beverages such as wine, beer, and a specialty Hurricane Cocktail – a New Orleans staple! Or, you may want to try the new celebration sparkling wine package. Soon, you’ll be able to pair them with the restaurant’s delicious menu items, like the popular Surf and Turf. Also, keep an eye out for new, seasonal takes on our Mint Julep non-alcoholic beverage. Stay tuned for more on Blue Bayou.

    Here’s how Disney describes Blue Bayou Restaurant, which overlooks the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction:

    Step into perpetual twilight as the nighttime ambiance of the watery setting surrounds you. Spot Guests floating by as they embark on a Pirates of the Caribbean adventure as you enjoy an authentic New Orleans-inspired lunch or dinner. It’s a truly unique setting where the bayou is, literally, by you!

    Blue Bayou has been a must-visit destination for many Disneyland Resort Guests since its opening in 1967. Its mystical setting takes you into the heart of the South—overhead strings of colorful balloon lanterns cast an enchanting glow, dotting the darkness while crickets chirp, frogs croak and fireflies wink in the dark.

    It’s a culinary adventure you have to see to believe!
    Disneyland website

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    1. Once again, the wishes of Walt take a back seat to the almighty dollar. I certainly have no problem with alcohol and I get the desire to enjoy it with your meal. JUST NOT HERE!

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