Yehaa Bob Jackson Instructed to Not Perform Any Sing-Along Music or Encourage Singing Due to Pandemic Restrictions

Ahead of his return to the stage tonight, “Yehaa” Bob Jackson has announced some restrictions that will be in place for his show. Most notably, Jackson noted that there will be no sing-along songs, and that he is not allowed to encourage singing from the audience.

I am very grateful to be returning to the stage at Disney tonight but there are some big restrictions on what I can perform. I’ve been instructed not to perform any sing-along music, and not to encourage anyone to sing along. I’m not to get anyone up and moving around the room. These are restrictions due to Covid and masks. Hopefully, these restrictions are only temporary and will be lifted in the near future as we get through the pandemic.

Those of you at home can sing along, but those in the audience at the Port might be disappointed not to hear their old favorites from the show.

As you can imagine, I’ve been scrambling the last day and a half to write another show! Thanks to you and your many requests over the last 17 months, I have plenty of new material to pick from. You’ll still be able to hear your favorites every Sunday night at our weekly sing-along show [online]. Wish me luck tonight, I’m going to need it! We ain’t scared!!!
Yehaa Bob Jackson

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