Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Character Encounters Begin to Normalize, Return to Pre-Pandemic Locations

    With the vast majority of Disney World Cast Members vaccinated, we’ve seen a normalization of sorts for character encounters. Previously, characters would be far off in the distance and photos of them would be difficult. Now, as more indoor meet and greet “sightings” return, characters in outdoor locations are having closer interactions with guests.

    This week, Disney World is testing a return to pre-pandemic character encounters in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. What does that mean? It means that Rey, Chewbacca, and Vi Moradi can be found in locations other than the “garage” area near Savi’s Custom Built Lightsabers. Now, guests will find Chewbacca at the X-Wing and A-Wing areas within the Resistance Forest, and Vi and Rey will join him under the Millennium Falcon from time to time. These locations were used before the COVID-19 pandemic shook up character interactions at the Walt Disney World theme parks.

    Of course, the characters aren’t “roaming” again yet like they used to do, but this is another step back to normalcy within the Walt Disney World theme parks. Here’s a look!

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