Automated PhotoPass Cameras Activated at Royal Sommerhus Anna & Elsa Meet and Greet in EPCOT

    Installed all the way back in Fall 2019, the automated PhotoPass cameras in Royal Sommerhus have been activated and are now taking photos of guests as they meet with Anna & Elsa in the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT.

    Anna & Elsa moved indoors earlier this year to meet guests after hosting physically distanced meet and greets outdoors due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the automated cameras were not activated right away. Now, the automated cameras are working and join already-in-use automated camera setups at the Mickey and Minnie meet and greet in Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom. first wrote about automated cameras replacing PhotoPass photographers back in November 2018 and the first automated PhotoPass camera was installed at the Tinker Bell meet and greet in February 2019. Since then, Disney has expanded the use of automated PhotoPass cameras at various meet and greet locations around Walt DIsney World.

    Here’s a look at the automated PhotoPass cameras now in use at the Royal Sommerhus Anna & Elsa meet and greet. Guests are asked to look at a cabinet installed in front of each meet and greet space. A wide photo is snapped at regular intervals to capture the interaction.

    After meeting with each sister, guests are required to tap their MagicBand to the MagicBand reader before moving on to the next meet and greet or leaving. A preview of the photos that were captured cycles through on a screen at the MagicBand reader. In the photo below, you can see that a guest was inadvertently standing in front of the camera and partially blocking the photo that was taken by the automated PhotoPass camera. A Cast Member nearby will ask the guest to move should they notice that the camera is being blocked.

    Here are some photos that we took of Anna and Elsa. The automated PhotoPass photos have not shown up in our account even hours after going through the meet and greet. The automated PhotoPass photo would be wider (more zoomed out) than the first photo below.

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