Cast Members Outraged After Disneyland Announces New Attendance Policy

    Cast Members are taking to social media this afternoon after the Disneyland Resort and related Unions announced that a new attendance policy will go into effect in early October. The policy, which utilizes an “hours missed” metric instead of a points-based metric, is viewed by many Cast Members as being more restrictive than the current policy. A big sticking point with Cast Members appears to be that an ongoing illness will be more penalized under the new “hours missed” metric versus the current points-based metric that recognizes that illness can stretch more than a single day.

    Cast Members are not just directing their outrage at the Disneyland Resort, but also the unions that they are a part of. A statement from Workers United Local 50 notes that Disneyland only made “minor adjustments” to the proposed policy after talking with the Union and that Disney is “not interested in making any more movement” regarding adjustments to the policy. This statement drew backlash from Cast Members who were unhappy with the Union’s action, or lack thereof, in regards to representing Cast Members. Many Cast Members are predicting that Cast will be fired or will quit as a result of this new policy.

    This new attendance policy only applies to Disneyland Cast Members. Twitter user DisneyDragon posted the new policy.

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    1. We used to have annual passes. As EVERYONE knows they completely destroyed that, and it was so easy. NOW, they got this thing so screwed up and even as a Cali resident you can not get tickets. Whom ever is making these SHIT decisions needs to be FIRED. Mr Walts daughter even said, “It’s all Money and Greed now days. Walts dream of EVERYONE enjoying the park are over.
      We STOPPED GOING. Unfortunately it is,,, DISNEYLAND. So die hard fans will put up with their Greed and constantly changing rules that ONLY benefit them. We are done. More people and fans need to stick it to them.
      ALL GREED.

      • You can thank Chapek for all of these horrible changes. The Disney board needs to wake up and realize that paying customers will only put up with so much abuse. They might be making a bunch of money short term, but if they don’t think long term, they are going to be in a world of hurt. Genie+, Lightning Lanes, restrictive access/reservation system, all garbage. Bring back the paper fast passes, get rid of $$Lightning$$Lanes$$, and let everyone who enters the park be on equal footing. It’s a disgrace to Walt’s memory to let the super rich be able to walk in and just pay to cut the line. Disney should be equal for everyone, if you pay the gate price, then you are granted access and everyone has the same access and can wait in the same lines with no short cuts or paying to “beat the system”.

        • Wake up seriously. All amusement parks do it all because they know people will pay the extra. We as a society Are impatient and cheap this that option is always going to be there.

    2. WE switched all our activities to Universal Studios. Everyone is happier and has much more fun. Disney is finished. We figured out we don’t need Disney any longer.

    3. I know there is a greed issue within the WDC. I don’t know about anyone else but my employer has the same attendance policy. I show up everyday to work for years no issue. If I am sick, I follow policy. Question- how many were abusing the system resulting in the change?

      • As a cast member I see people taking advantage of the situation all the time. My co-workers don’t show up to work and our work load doubles. Disney is too lenient and I’m glad they are finally taking action.

        • Well, now instead of having some cast members perhaps ‘take advantage’ some of the time you’ll soon have even less cast members all the time.

          Because slapping on a more restrictive attendance policy without addressing the real underlying issues for those “taking advantage” situations is just a total perk for working in public facing service jobs and really brings in a ton of qualified new hires.


          • True. The spoiled laborers will have to face that for 1 of them there are THOUSANDS to take that job… Without crying.

            It’s a job not a social club.
            Lots and lots of immigrant ready to pay taxes. Bless them

        • This reasoning is stupid, I’m a lead in the supply chain and we have been hit hard with attendance. Many of us have had to work 60 hour weeks almost nonstop, that doesn’t mean they should enact this stupid attendance policy, especially considering there are still a large portion of the cast contracting Covid (I got 6 of those Covid emails in the past 3 days). They’re going to have far less cast after this it’s going to be pitiful, the cast are gonna suffer, the guest are gonna suffer, everyone except the suits are gonna suffer.

    4. I was a tour guide at Disneyland for the 25th and 30th Anniversary. I was a cast member at Disneyland all through college and as a young mom, in the 90’s, we had season passes. Yesterday, I took my two year old grandson to Disneyland and I was so frustrated all day. The cast members were rude, did not have eye contact no smiles, and could not even help me with the “Genie App!” The atmoshpere was sooooooo different than what the Disney University taught us. As an adult, I worked for Walt Disney Pictures and now I am an English teacher. If you ever need help in communications or feedback from the public please contact me.

    5. The previous attendance policy was so relaxed… and yet people still managed to get fired. If I called out I could use 1 hour of sick pay and not get any points. They were allotted 9 points in a month before triggering for a discipline. Call out was 3 points and a late was 1.5. Call Sick was able to be continued for 5 days before a note from a doctor was required to come back to work. Covid is a different story… but I never understood how people got fired for attendance. EVERYONE got the same attendance discipline schedule… verbal, written, last and final, termination

    6. The thing that angers me about this is if a Cast Member gets COVID, and has to miss more than three days. I had an annual pass and let it go because guests were rude, ran us over with strollers, and rides were near impossible to get on. The food costs also became a deterrent.

    7. Working for an airline and not disney I can honestly say this isnt that bad….. If u have sick time, and miss work, it DOES NOT trigger a corrective action…. It says in the document posted to twitter that if you apply accured sick time then the amount applied wont count towards the trigger level….. So if you call out on a 8 hour shift, have 12 hours of sick pay, u get charged 0 hours for the day missed.

      As for tardies, seriously? Yall complaining about 4 tardies for 1 corrective action? At the airline if we are literally even 1 minute late it is 1 point…. 15 min to 2 hours is 2 points and more then 2 hours is 3 points…. All day absence is points…. So literally 1 min is going to cost u 1 point…. This isnt that bad

    8. These corporations need to realize the climate they are in. Read the room Disney. You need cast more than they need you. The magic is gone due to corporate disregard for employees. The last time I went, you’d be hard pressed to find a happy employee there. I’ve never seen anything like it at any Disney park.

    9. Until the union can get rid of that NO STIKE CLAUSE you have NO POWER!!!! 20K people walk of the job and disney has to close down, you will get what wanted and whats needed. Like a livable wage!!! Shame on you disney union.

    10. Disney seems to be doing everything that it can to loose visitors, and to destroy itself.
      The blame goes directly to the person at the top, who is making all these decisions.
      Alienating customers and demoralizing your staff is never a good business decision. It shows up in the drop in attendance and worker morale.
      I wonder if those in charge are actually snart enough to admit their numerous mistakes?

    11. What the public does not understand is even if this new policy seems in line with other companies, Disney has full control over what they schedule their Cast Members. Cast Members are complaining because they are being scheduled AGAINST their availability. For example, part timers are forced and given full time schedules sometimes. It has been the WORST this year and has been happening since Spring Break this year where every single week part timers have been given 40+ hours. Disney does not pay enough and many Cast Members have second or even more jobs, on top of many being students as well. Sick pay accrues so slowly, so it is not realistic for a part time Cast Member to call out of 1 or 2 shifts a week in order to work their other jobs, do schoolwork, or to get the PART TIME hours they agreed to work.
      IF Disney actually scheduled people according to their agreed upon hours and availability, no one would care because the tiny % of people abusing the old system would eventually get fired. BUT now this new system will get SO MANY honest Cast Members fired because they just can’t keep working the overscheduled hours they are being given that are AGAINST their availabilty that has been happening since SPRING BREAK.

    12. I think they’re intentionally trying to get the parks out of business and closed on purpose. Maybe closed, demolished and made into hideous housing for the uber-rich!
      Call me crazy but it’s about the only thing that makes sense.

    13. So instead of addressing the scheduling issue that caused the high number of sick call offs to begin with ,like giving people Tuesdays and Wednesdays off or Wednesdays and Thursdays off when we came back from furlough. Before furlough we had front half back half schedules everyone got a weekend day for their family. But after furlough no one got a weekend day causing a high number of call-offs. So instead of fixing that Disney uses a bigger hammer to fix the problem. Which will only cause more problems and a bigger shortage of cast members.

    14. I used to work at Disneyland in Anaheim for 5 years, IN THE CHARACTER DEPT. I CAUGHT MONO FROM SHARING A COSTUME, ill as hell, they never paid you worth a shit and if you complained about anything they held back your promotion. I have seen stuff you can’t even Imagine. The old timers said it best ,”that this wouldn’t happen if Walt were alive.” AMEN

    15. Most of these comments are laughable, DL won’t lose a single penny from ANY changes they make to any policy, anyone who thinks otherwise obviously has not been to the park recently! They are at or near capacity no matter the day, lines are insane, merch sells out… this company knows what it is doing. For the people saying it’s not Walt’s vision anymore oh well, times change and I’m sure he would agree with a lot of the changes and disagree with a lot of the social and overall look of cast members today, don’t agree? Google some of the original cast member appearance rules. As far as others complaining about cast members being rude, I’m sure it’s a reaction to how you were treating them, I’ve been to DL 13 times past year and not one bad experience. I’ll pay the higher parking fee, the price increase on my pass/key, more for food…etc because I spend what I can afford, Disneyland is a privilege not a right. Every single company raises prices every year, yeah DL is expensive but in my opinion and millions of others, worth every penny every time. Go ahead and switch to Universal or Knotts, btw they raise their prices all the time too but before you compare the prices, compare the parks to each other.

    16. All I know is Disneyland has change over the years, it was a great places for cast members to enjoy the workplace where they are able to be the cast to show all visitors the magic Walt Disney had created now it’s all about money for the corporate management the cast members put in so much hours and all I know if all cast members go on strike Disney wouldn’t be Disney without the magic all Casting dose for the park , if all cast members agree to go on strike union will take every one serious,

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