Chocolate ‘Haunted Mansion’ Display at Grand Floridian Resort for Halloween 2022

    Guests visiting Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort can now find a chocolate display inspired by The Haunted Mansion. We dropped by this morning to take a look at the display!

    There are two chocolate displays – the horseless hearse and an egg.

    We’ll start with a look at The Haunted Mansion egg, which is a tribute to Constance Hatchway.

    A nearby sign reads the following:

    Constance Hatchway, is a character from The Haunted Mansion attraction. She is the current incarnation of the bride character in the attic and in a retcon, one of the figures depicted in the Stretching Room’s portraits.

    Constance appears twice on the ride. She is seen in the Stretching Room in the elevator as an elderly black widowed bride looking straight at the guests who step back when the late Paul Frees’ voice is heard as the Ghost Host. She sits on the tombstone that reads “Rest in Peace, Dear Beloved George” which is found in the cemetery.

    She is seen in the Attic where the photo changes while guests see and listen to the silhouette of a pianist playing a ghostly version of the bridal march on the piano. Constance holds her ax in front of her heart while reciting her wedding vows in a menacing tone while staring at the guests. Portraits of her husband and mementos of their unions are littered throughout the room. As quests ride by, her husband’s heads disappear from the portraits, signifying their unfortunate fates.

    Here’s a closer look at some of the details of the egg.

    Next, here’s a look at the horseless hearse.

    It even comes complete with black flame candles…

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