Disney Stock Price Plunges After Latest Earnings Call, Prominent CNBC Analyst Jim Cramer Calls for Disney CEO Bob Chapek To Be Fired

    Following an earnings report that set record numbers for the theme parks division, but missed investors’ expectations, longtime financial analyst and “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer is calling for Disney CEO Bob Chapek to be fired.

    In a video segment from “Squawk Box”, Cramer says that there is “no doubt” that Disney CEO Bob Chapek should be fired. Cramer pulled no punches, calling Chapek “delusional” for how he talked about a quarter that had “stunning”, “mind-boggling” losses. Cramer admitted to previously believing in Chapek, but now says it’s time for the board to remove him.

    Chapek recently received a 3-year extension to his contract as Disney CEO.

    Disney stock currently sits around $87, close to a closing low of $85.76 set on March 23, 2020 during the early days of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. To find a Disney stock price below the COVID-19 pandemic low, you’d have to go back to October 2014. The stock price has plunged more than 12% as of publish time.

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    1. I wish they would get rid of Paycheck before he ruins Disney parks. He’s close already. Can’t believe what he’s done.
      We went once to
      Disney World and once to Disneyland since they opened after Covid. Won’t go again until things even out, whatever that may look like.
      We used to go every 4 to 8 weeks to Disneyland. Had season passes for decades. It’s really sad that the parks are in such bad condition both cost wise and maintenance wise.
      I miss it.

    2. Cramer sounded like he was drunk at the office Christmas party! Lol

      Chapek has ruined the goodwill and consumer confidence that Disney built for DECADES! Yes Bob must go ——>.

    3. Disney has increased there prices so high that the average income family can’t afford to go to the parks I used to go to Disneyland several times a year and each time I would spend money in the park, the new CEO has hurt your company he need to be fired before he ruins what Walt Disney Created. He had turned it into nothing more than a Amusement park. Bring back if you can pass it down affordable stop all the greed Disney is a big corporation that doesn’t need to gouge the public get rid of the CEO look at what he’s done to the Disney stock it’s only going to get worse


    4. Disney is quickly becoming a playground for the super rich. If they lower their prices they would make up the business in more people actually visiting the parks. I mean it was reasonable to go back in 2000, but now I mean there are other venues that are much more affordable. They spend so much money advertising and it’s unreasonable to think that the average family could even go there and stay on site anymore. It seems that corporate greed is what’s going to bring down the house of mouse.

    5. Gone to Disney world for years saved up to bring my children then saved up to bring my grandchildren it used to be a magical place they need to get out of politics and go back to what Walt Disney wanted they need to get out of politics and bring back the magic I will never spend another dime until that happens.

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