Disneyland Suspends Sales of ALL Magic Key Annual Passes Again

    Disneyland has announced that they have closed the queue and stopped sales of all new Magic Key Annual Passes “due to the incredible popularity” of the Magic Key program. Here’s the statement:

    Due to the incredible popularity of our Magic Key program, we have stopped sales of new passes at this time to help protect the experience for Magic Key holders and the value those passes provide. Renewals for current Magic Key holders within their renewal window (up to 30 days before pass expiration) will continue for all available pass types (Inspire, Believe, Enchant and Imagine) at this time.

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    1. So they’re, in a sense, gate keeping to fill the void that out-of-state visitors were leaving because attendance may have been low, so they relied on locals to save them, but only for a limited time. If you read between the lines, they used eager, new locals to fill their pockets because the vacationers aren’t the deep well of money they thought they were.

      I’ve said this many times; out-of-state vacationers aren’t coming damn near 24/7 like locals would. So now I have to be vigilant when passes go on sale here in Florida, you know, since as a local, I’m considered second rate to people from, let’s say, Chicago, EVEN though Disney looks to us when the out-of-staters run out of money.

      With every article Disney loses more and more of it’s magic and becomes more and more corporate. I know that’s the state of things and Disney has always been corporate but back in the day you could never tell because that corporate part of them was always hidden to keep the magic alive. Now, Chapek and his cronies just aren’t trying anymore.

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