“King Charles Clause” Sets Expiration of Disney’s Development Control Within RCID Property Centuries Into the Future

    As the newly appointed Central Florida Tourism Oversight District lawyers up to face Disney, they stumbled upon a clause within the Developement Agreement signed by the previous Reedy Creek Improvement District Board of Supervisors that appears to severly limit the power of the DeSantis’ appointed Board.

    There are multiple entries in the Development Agreement that was signed on February 8, 2023 that define the term of the agreement as expiring “21 years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of King Charles III, King of England…” the clause also says that the Declaration will terminate “as of the date that none of [Walt Disney Parks & Resorts] owns any real property within 10 miles of the RCID properties”. Here’s a screenshot of one of the places where this “King Charles Clause” is utilized.

    As far as we can tell, these term definititions apply to Disney’s development of certain properties that are partially or wholely owned by the former Reedy Creek Improvement District. It does not appear that the “King Charles Clause” gives Disney carte blanche power over every inch of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, although it does appear to cover a significant portion of RCID property. For example, one of the properties definied under the “King Charles Clause” is the Orange Garage at Disney Springs. Other garages and surrounding areas owned by RCID also appear to be covered by the “King Charles Clause”.

    Clauses like this are certainly causing headaches for the newly appointed Board of Supervisors, who, earlier today, said that they might take an “adversarial position” against Disney World. They even said litigation could make its way to the US Supreme Court. The statements were made during a meeting where law firms were brought on board, but no action has been taken yet.

    A request for comment by BlogMickey.com to Walt Disney World representatives went unanswered.

    The document in question can be found below.

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      • That’s exactly what Disney wants. They want a long drawn out court battle. This will last until he’s out of office or until DeSantis has spent too much money being petty and vindictive.

        I’m certain Disney legal has dozens of legal contingencies ready to go. Three days after they signed this they said they were ready to work with the current guidelines. They’re playing a long game

      • LoL, desatan is just jealous he was beaten by a mouse and can’t have his form of government controlling everything his way, and yeah, the mouse is gonna win, that or desatan is gonna just give up trying 🤣

      • Might be petty, but it’s legal. It was even discussed openly in a public meeting that the RCID board advertised. It’s not their fault no one from the new board or DeSantis’ team showed up. You’d think they’d want to be involved in those last few meetings to ensure a smooth transition.

      • DeSatan dumbAZZ got owned by a mouse! Fascism and a wannabe dictator never win’s in America. No one can ever in America use there political office to violate anyones 1st Amendment Rights of Freedom of speech. All because they spoke out against them and hurt their feelings! This is America and we will never in Florida or anyone else be taken over by a Fat cry baby wanna be dictator named DeSatan!

      • Way to show you did no research into this before spouting off. Reedy Creek have had issues for years to no money being put into their emergency services and upkeep. That’s why they let the initial deal go through while literally changing it while it was being signed.

    1. The Reedy Creek deal was BS. The board had no real power anyway before hand. When it comes to lawyers, it often comes at a cost. Disney will win.

    2. Joseph:

      Reedy Creek followed state law when it entered into the agreements. The law signed by DeSantis provided for the new board being able to execute agreements up to 40 years in duration.
      The new law also says that all existing agreements are to be honored.
      Just because the agreements don’t further DeSantis’ actions does not make them petty or pathetic.

    3. On day #1 DeSantis reclined a project for widening the entrance into Disney Springs via 535. Florida had bought out businesses and they had been razed to prep for the expansion. The moment Disney handed Reedy Creek over DeSantis raised his level of bully. Disney knew this is how it would be and had the wherewithal to Grandfather all of these acres into viable projects the new board can’t touch. Check. Mate.

    4. DeSantis is a lawyer who hired teams of other lawyers and they all got outlawyered. Isn’t that special! Wrong on the law, and wrong on the facts but facts but they still can win because the courts in Florida are a joke. Now he doubles down and screams I’ll get more lawyers after you and threatens to take you to his kangaroo court! And if you lose there, you always have the supreme court and Alito to carry your water. Shoulda read the contract before you came with the tough talk. Let’s now see who ( by who I mean which law firm cronies) get how much money from DeSantis is to line their pockets while acting like they have a chance in a losing cause. let’s see if a political conservative supreme court carries your water on this one!

    5. I am still at a loss of a state government appointed board having oversight of a corporation. I thought that was communism?

    6. I knew all along that Disney had something up their sleeve, but I never thought it would be this devious! And waiting for DeSantis to file the first claim? GENIUS! Now, if Disney wins, they can then sue the state of Florida for all their legal fees. That mouse is a lot smarter than he looks.


    8. This is all as hysterically funny as we think it is but I’ll point out that the headline of the article is wrong — this clause doesn’t put the expiration “hundreds of years” in the future. The quote is leaving out the “… living as of the date of this Declaration” ending. So it’s 21 years after the last person who is a descendent of Charles _and who is currently living_ dies — I’m seeing elsewhere that the youngest such person right now is Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor at 21 months old. So, could be 100 years or more, maybe, but not centuries.

      Lawyers are pretty awesome when they’re not being jerks.

      • To me it depends on exactly how that clause is interpreted. If as you say, then yes, 21 years after the death of that Lillibet baby. But if it is interpreted as being 21 years after the death of the survivors of Lillibet and any other now-living descendants of Charles III, well, that’s effectively forever because presumably there will always be “survivors” of these now-living descendants. Put another way, “survivors” of these folks will be descendants of the current descendants, so Disney has then created a “limit” to get around perpetuity that is effectively endless.

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