Disney World Union for Tipped Servers & Bartenders Demands Changes, Raises Allergy Safety Concerns

    The Tipped Committee at Unite Here 737 union is publically demanding change for servers, bartenders, and more at Walt Disney World. Chief among the demands is an increase of automatic gratuity on large parties from 18% to 20%, a rebalancing of full-time and part-time staffing, and more clarity with regard to guest allergies.

    In the demand letter, the union says that tipped careers at Walt Disney World spend more time with guests during their stay than any other line of business. Full-time Cast Members are concerned that Disney’s decision to move to overstaffed part-time work is threatening their jobs.

    The union also calls for an increase of the automatic gratuity for parties of 6 or more guests to increase from 18% to 20%. The union also asks for an additional tip line on receipts to allow guests to tip more than the automatic 20% for large parties.

    The union also raises concerns about unfair discipline and concerns around Disney’s policies for guests with allergies. The union calls Disney’s allergy process “out of control”, saying that it puts too much time, work, and risk on tipped workers.

    Overstaffing with part-time workers is negatively impacting tipped workers, the union says. The union also complains of overstaffing of bartenders and cocktail servers, resulting in lower take-home pay.

    The union also talks about Disney’s practice of outsourcing food and beverage locations to third-party companies, resulting in lost work for the more expensive Cast Member staff.

    In a second letter, the union complains of a “lack of clarity and consistency” for the guest allergy process. The union says that the lack of clarity can lead to guest safety problems and unfair discipline for Cast Members.

    You can read both of the letters below (you may have to use a desktop browser to view embedded PDFs).

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