UPDATE: Disney Auditions is seeking Star Wars Rebels Look-alike Performers for Ezra and Sabine. These have been the rumored tenants of this upcoming space. Could it be them? No official confirmation yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

Walls are up near the new Trails of the Temple area as well as a rumored meet and greet in between restrooms and the ABC Sound Studio. It will reportedly use parts of the former American Idol audition rooms, the Radio Studio and the old corporate lounge according to wdwmagic.

StarWarsMnG_01092016-1 StarWarsMnG_01092016-2 StarWarsMnG_01092016-4

We also see some low walls near the newly renovated Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple.


Here’s a look at the new stage for the Trials of the Temple.

StarWarsMnG_01092016-1-2 StarWarsMnG_01092016-3