Speculation: New concept art gives hint to Star Wars Land location

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  • redinexile

    It’s speculation but it makes perfect sense. Put star wars land near the existing star wars themed attractions (star tours, Jedi training, etc) and Pixar land near toy story mania.

    • Mike

      Agreed. I just wanted to make clear that this wasn’t official info

  • Marc Brousseau

    This isn’t easy to figure out. If what the above article says is true, based on the concept art, then in order to link STAR WARS LAND to STAR TOURS, they will need to do away with MUPPET COURTYARD. There HAS been confirmation that the MUPPETS will make their way to LIBERTY SQUARE in MAGIC KINGDOM, but there is new construction on a MUPPET-THEMED RESTAURANT at HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS, so moving the entire MUPPET COURTYARD or even just it’s attractions to MAGIC KINGDOM seems strange. Perhaps, the MUPPET COURTYARD will be surrounded by the mountains in the concept art. More than likely though, the concept art is just kinda unreliable.

    • Mike

      Hi Marc, awesome comment!

      Rumor is that Star Tours actually won’t survive the current construction and will possibly be returned to