A new spot is now open for you to satisfy your craving for ice cream on Disney’s Boardwalk. Ample Hills Creamery is a fun take on the 1930’s feel of the Boardwalk.


We got the Cotton Candy ice cream and Chocolate Milk and Cookies on an M&M cone. The ice cream itself was amazingly creamy and the flavors were spot on. The only thing that was different than I had expected was the M&M cone. It was a bit harder than I had expected it to be and I would probably pass on it the next time we go… and there will be a next time! With portions bigger than Coldstone, and somewhat comparable prices, we’ll definitely be spending a few nights on the Boardwalk with a new flavor of ice cream for the next few weeks.

AmpleHills_05162016-1 AmpleHills_05162016-2

Here are some detail shots from around the store.

AmpleHills_05162016-3 AmpleHills_05162016-4 AmpleHills_05162016-5 AmpleHills_05162016-6 AmpleHills_05162016-7 AmpleHills_05162016-8 AmpleHills_05162016-9 AmpleHills_05162016-10 AmpleHills_05162016-11 AmpleHills_05162016-12

Overall, Ample Hills Creamery is a spot that we’ll definitely visit again and suggest you do as well if you find yourself on the Boardwalk!