RUMOR: Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Epcot?

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  • Wesley Alexander

    Boy have we lost our way. I can accept each of the showcase pavilions having a Disney character ride like Frozen. But, Future World?

    The Epcot concept needs to be totally revised.

    The World Showcase with another country like Brazil could add the Alpine Bobsleds to Germany, a Brother Bear ride to Canada, Aladdin to Morocco etc.

    However, instead of Future World rename it Discovery Land. Captain Nemo’s Sea with 20000 Leagues in the Sea, Imagining Horizons, a combination of these two former attractions) could replace Imaginations. Restore the World of Motion, Wonders of Life adding Disney Characters to tell the story. Energy needs to be replaced by Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth to show Earth’s physical and tectonic and atmospheric forces at work. The Carousel of Progress and Its a Small World should be relocated here. Time Racers in Planet Earth like HG Wells Time Machine. Mars is transformed into Guardians or even Star Wars


    I think that i would be nice to see the update of the Universe of energy!