Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular debuted an hour ago at Hollywood Studios and we have your first look at the new show. Enjoy and share!


We were also able to grab some photos!

StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-1 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-2 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-3 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-4 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-5 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-6 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-7 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-8 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-9 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-10 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-11 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-12 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-13 StarWarsGalacticSpectacular_06172016-14

If you’re at Hollywood Studios this summer and have a chance to check out the show, I would highly recommend it, but keep in mind that positioning is key. We stood about even with the projection towers and it was perfect. The further back you go, the more obstructed your view will be.

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  • Barbara Crabtree Diamond Johns

    There doesnt seem to be any showings in August. Any idea on this?

    • Mike

      I’m not sure exactly outside of Disney probably adjusting hours. This show is here to stay for a long time from what I’ve been told.