As Disney nears an opening of Rivers of Light, they continue testing nightly. We were lucky to capture some theater lighting testing tonight as we were making our way out of the park. In addition to some lighting testing, we also noticed a slightly different version of We Are One than we previously remember hearing (1:24 mark).

These were obviously just a run through of different colors and not in any way representative of any effects we saw during the Cast Member preview back in late November. That said, it’s always nice to see testing occurring. It also appears that there were some spotlighting tests as well.

There weren’t any floats out on the water, but techs were working on the shaman boats. It’s believed that there will be more narration added to the show than was present in the previews. Hopefully additional narration would allow for the shaman to be more involved in the show as we really enjoyed the costuming and look that they had in their small involvement. Work on the boats could suggest that is the case.

Rumors point to a debut this month, but rumors have been proven wrong time and again for this show. Cast Members working the show were given hours next week, which could lend a bit more credibility to the rumors. The phrase time will tell is probably more relevant for this show than any other thing we’ve covered at Walt Disney World.

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