Work is progressing along the former Streets of America site, with a wall being constructed where guests will enter Star Wars Land when it’s completed in 2019.

Nearly the entire width of the street now has either rebar structure or concrete forms in place.

A look at the footing area of the structures.

It’s possible that the outline of an s-curve of sorts is already visible. This would hide Star Wars Land from view until you’ve made it through the tunnel. A classic reveal technique like the one used for Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom.

Possible s-curve in tunnel leading into Star Wars Land

A wider look at the whole area shows a single facade that will remain standing.

Former Streets of America area has a single facade still standing

The only new construction visible on the facade is an overhang constructed at the far end of the facade.

The plan is to keep the facade and theme the area as generally nondescript as possible. Eventually the wall being constructed will hide Star Wars Land and form a tunnel that will serve as an entrance. It is expected that the former Streets of America area on this side of the Star Wars Land wall/tunnel will see the construction walls start to come down later this Summer, with a completion date sometime in the early Fall.

There is no word on what the area will be used for, but I wouldn’t expect too much more than a general area to relax and spread out some of the current congestion between Star Tours and Muppet Courtyard.

Star Wars Land will open in 2019.