Polynesian Village “Tropical Paradise” Entrance Demolished, Latest Look at Crossbeam Installation

What’s the opposite of paving paradise to put up a parking lot? Whatever it is, Disney’s in the process of doing just that by creating a new, lush arrival experience at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort that might reclaim some parking lot space when it is finished. Unfortunately, that means demolishing much-loved theming details such as the “Tropical Paradise” gardens and ponds that guests used to pass by to enter the resort. Disney has said that it plans on “enhancing the lush gardens and fountains that have welcomed guests to the resort since opening day.” Today, we take one step towards that pursuit with the demolition of one of the resort’s iconic locales.

Here’s a look at the demolished area as well as a latest look at the crossbeam installation.

Inside, guests are blocked from seeing the work, but the concept art for the overhaul is on display.

The monorail remains closed and will be for some months yet.

Due to installation of the new crossbeams, the skylight remains blocked, creating a bit of a gloomy lobby.

Heading back outside, we can see that Disney has reinstalled probably about 35% of the crossbeams.

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