We were invited out to the “Toast to Summer” event at Paddlefish last night and wanted to share some of our favorite bites! We had only been out to Paddlefish for Sunday brunch, so we were excited to try some of their other offerings.

One of the unique things Paddlefish offers is the Sunset Rooftop menu. Featuring some nice bites, the Sunset Rooftop menu is offered in the evenings along with live music on Friday and Saturday from 9pm to midnight.

Paddlefish is a beautiful restaurant with a variety of different spaces throughout the boat. The event we attended took place on the top deck, which offers wonderful views of Disney Springs and surrounding areas. The top deck is open to the public daily unless a private event is taking place.

Let’s jump into some of our favorite bites. It’s worth noting that we were served bite-sized versions of larger meals.

Lobster Roll

Featuring a lemon infused mayonnaise, the lobster roll was a nice sandwich that was a wonderful sum of its parts. The lobster itself was fresh and the entree portion is served with 1 1/4 pounds of meat for $31. The real surprise here was the buttered and salted roll, which complemented the lemon infused mayonnaise and lobster nicely.

“The Burger”

This was, without a doubt, my favorite offering of the evening. Served to us in slider form, I think it could survive nicely on the Sunset Rooftop menu as a slider trio.

Served on a soft brioche bun, the burger itself is also one of the softest I’ve had while maintaining a medium-well temperature. The pimento cheese is a great accent and pairs with the red onion and house-made pickle nicely.

Again, I would love to see this in a slider trio as I think it is better than the sliders at neighboring Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. That said, I can only imagine that the 9 ounce entree version for $19 is a wonderful offering.


If I thought the burger was soft, it had nothing on the scallops, which surrendered easily to just a fork when cutting. The brown butter was a nice subtlety when mixed with the cauliflower puree. I’m not a fan of brussels sprouts at all, but I did enjoy these very much, and found myself clearing the plate.

Tableside Lobster Guacamole

At the risk of too much ridicule, I’m also not a fan of guacamole in general. This was THE exception. The subtle hints of the guacamole allowed me to really enjoy the lobster and the flavorful chips. This is normally served at the table for a party of four.

Chocolate-Bourbon-Pecan Tart

Of the two desserts we enjoyed, this was the winner for me. Rich in bourbon and chocolate flavor, we also noted hints of what we thought was vanilla. The sea salt combines with the pecans effortlessly and permeate the dessert. As a huge fan of the shift to candied bacon in desserts, I was happy to see it came with a nice, crisp strip.

Southern Sangria

A classic sangria taste was accomplished with Medley Bros. Bourbon, Peach Liqueur, Tempranillo, and seasonal fruit. Equal parts tasty, refreshing, and photogenic, this is a nice drink for the summer season.